PAIRIN Pathways

Empowering Career Seekers and Professionals

PAIRIN Pathways is the first career exploration tool that respects and supports the winding paths most individuals take. Organizations can implement PAIRIN Pathways to allow individuals to match their strengths, personal desires, education, experience and transferable skills to optimal career paths.

Personalized paths for each individual

Recommends programs to accelerate success

Detailed information on over 600 careers

Millions of data points from the most relevant resources

Online soft skills development

Seamless integration for states, businesses and institutions

Personalized Career Pathways

PAIRIN Pathways provides personalized career path recommendations based on an individual’s readiness, desires and quality of the opportunity. The over 600 careers can be filtered by desired location, education requirements, job tasks, salaries, opportunity rating and so much more.

Additional features:

  • Cross-industry mapping for development of soft and hard skills while in certificate or degree programs
  • Insights, tips and personalized curriculum to help develop the skills needed before starting on the job
  • Customizable résumés, with the option to generate job opening-specific versions optimized for increases employer response rates
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