“After just a year with PAIRIN, we’ve reduced employee turnover and improved team performance.”

Roy Dockery discusses how our skills assessment has helped him identify the behaviors people need to succeed at his company.

“My name is Roy Dockery. I am the Vice President of Field Operations for Swisslog North America. We’re a healthcare automation company. My team is responsible for installing, maintaining, fixing everything that breaks everything that goes wrong at a hospital.

The behavioral attributes that people need to possess to be successful in field service, especially in healthcare, is that they have to be able to be very independent because all of our people work from remotely locations but they also have to be empathic to customers. So it became imperative to me to say that we need to understand behaviorially what makes our technicians successful.

We started looking for a tool to assess our existing employees, some of the employees we were having troubles with, and then try to identify what that behavioral standard should be.

With PAIRIN, someone can take an assessment relatively easily without a lot of effort as long as they pay attention to the questions and that gives you a very good reading of an employee.

So three benefits from PAIRIN: We have good behavioral questions to ask during interviews, that really open up the interviews, we also have good ways to do behavioral assessments of existing employees that we can use for coaching and ongoing development. And the third thing would primarily be the tips. So the coaching tips that are offered to the managers or direct supervisors of the employees that kind of give them different ways to deal with behaviors in the different extremes.

If someone asked me why they should use PAIRIN, I would say it is because of the uniqueness of the tool and even the assessment itself. A lot of times there’s a lot of time and labor you have to put into completing an assessment or a 360 view.

The reason I tell people to use it, is because the assessment works! It’s a good depiction of people and it reflects their behavior. Having that insight allows you to have a plans of action and things you can do to help improve your employee’s performance or even help you identify employees that will perform well.”